Camels have always played a central role in the lifestyle of the people of the Sahara. From the dunes of Merzouga to the Draa Valley and further south towards the village of M'hamid and the desert of Ch'gaga, Morocco offers a surprising variety of desert and semi-desert landscapes: dunes, oases, endless stretches of ocher-colored earth and stones. The camels guide us through the charm and magic of the Moroccan desert down to the Algerian border, following the traces of ancient nomadic caravans. Ranging from the excursions of few hours to the méharées of two weeks, our camel treks will allow you to live a exclusive experience of the desert, enjoying the pleasure of silent long walks on a fine golden sand and the unique beauty of a starry night sky on the dunes.


Since ancient times, Morocco has known a true passion for horses and horse riding, probably among the best ways to explore this truly unique country at the borderlands of the Sahara. Accompanied by experienced instructors, you’ll be able to immerse yourself into the most amazing and best preserved landscapes of Morocco, from the Atlas Mountains to the Atlantic coast and the beautiful sand dunes of Merzouga and Ch’gaga.


Whether you are an amateur of mountain biking or and experienced cyclists, Direction Sud provides you with a specialized team able to make you live a true adventure on two wheels throughout the most amazing natural sites of Morocco. Morocco offers an incredible variety of terrain where to practice mountain biking in total security and freedom, in the heart of breathtaking sceneries, from the Atlas Mountains to the canyons, oases and endless desert plateaus of the road of One Thousands Kasbahs.


Do you want to live a holiday of pure enjoyment in the heart of Moroccan stunning landscapes? Try one of our adventures in quad and buggy, from the desert of Merzouga to the Atlas Mountains and the Atlantic coast. No experience required nor age limits. A specialized staff will help you in the early stages and than…. you’ll just have to start and explore, in absolute freedom, the stunning Moroccan landscapes. Please contact us for more information about our tours in quad and/or buggy.


Morocco is a perfect place to practice yoga. The vastness of the desert, the silence and harmony of the dunes, the vibrant energy of the Atlas Mountains: the Great South of Morocco naturally stimulates positive energies and the relaxation and mindfulness required for meditation. Direction Sud supports yoga instructors, schools of yoga and experienced practitioners in the organization of the best Yoga stay, anytime of the year. If you don’t have experienced yet the benefits of yoga, Direction Sud offers also all inclusive holiday packages, with experienced instructors and a detailed program whose characteristics and duration will be defined according to your needs and budget.


For almost half a century now, Morocco has been known and appreciated by sports climbers from all around the world. This hospitable country offers numerous equipped climbing sites, as the gorges of Todgha and Taghia, in the Atlas Mountains, with their steep cliffs and a wide variety of climbing routes for all levels of experience. Equipment and experienced instructors available on site.


The South of Morocco offers a surprising variety of locations to practice water sports, from easy to hard level. Going south from the beautiful white city of Essaouira, the Atlantic coast offers long sandy beaches enclosed by majestic cliffs, frequented by international surfers. The Atlas Mountains are an exceptional location for kayaking, rafting and canyoning – as in the Ourika Valley, the Ouzoud waterfalls and the Bin El Ouidane lake – especially in summer months. Contact us to learn more about our water sport holidays, from the adventure of one day up to the thematic trip and more.


Adventure and a wide range of outdoor activities with mum and dad: here’s our formula for the best holiday for you and your kids. Riding a camel, on a mountain bike, on a canoe like Indiana Jones or on a mule around the ruins of an ancient ksar, on the traces of the nomads of the mountains… Direction Sud invites your family to try a different activity every day, with the support of professional guides and experienced instructors, in order to guarantee high quality and safety standards. To relive the magical atmosphere of the nomadic caravans, we’ll organize games, creative workshops, music performances and several other types for activities to stimulate the imagination and the curiosity of your children.


The diversity of Moroccan food reminds us of the ancient traditions of this amazing country. According to the best Moroccan hospitality, Direction Sud invites you to taste the specialties of the different regions of the South of Morocco: the almonds and dates of Tafilalet, the honey of the Sahara, the argan oil of the Atlantic coast, the saffron of Taliouine and the sweet taste of amlou from the Souss region, as well as a multitude of other local products and famous traditional dishes as couscous, tajines, tanjias, pastilla, méchoui, briouats, msmn and a refined pastry with the aroma of almonds and honey. Our food tastings tours may also include customized cooking classes, to deeply discover the secrets of Arab and Berber culinary traditions.